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The latest three videos are from the September 29th gig when PaulyB and Tony Hearn from Punky! joined jon and scott from TTN on stage for three songs.
Many thanks to the great StefanC for filming.


Tony Hearn joins jon and scott for Blister in the Sun. Check out Tony's LED Shirt and Wolverine sideburns - sweet.

run time 2min 24sec

Paulyb shows up for Should I Stay or Should I Go. Maybe this is when he lost his voice.

run time 3min 34sec

False start as Tony has his E string caught on a pickup, but soon they're off with Too Drunk to Remember the Words as Paulyb needs help from jon and Butch Tony needs help from Roadie Rick.

run time 3min 38sec

The much discussed, English LIT 102 creative response project based on the short story "Araby" by James Joyce. Starring jon and scott - written and directed by scott.

run time 6min 32sec

Katheter Documentary. The brief history of jon's former band Katheter is captured in this stirring rockumentary. Is kevin gay? Which situation is worse? The morley situation or the zach situation?

run time 1hour 4min

Funny video

run time 3min 19sec

My favorite Clash video

run time 5min 12sec