Bringing an atheist, satirical, garage band perspective to today's relevant topics, Jon and Scott discuss music, politics, entertainment, and current events.

Jon and Scott's Stupidity

Stupid asses. Jon and Scott have both had their moments, but Scott seems to be more dingy. For example, Kirk admonishes, whore-o-ick commanders, cartoroid arteries, democrapick seenyators, realtors, or a stock pile of musicians.
But Jon makes a strong case for being left behind by not knowing his French origins, or his cooz from coups, and his continuing struggles with math.
But even the Commander and Chief of Stupidity has reportedly never had tet-anus.


Jon's former band was Katheter. They released a CD, booked three gigs, and Jon quit the band. To see the story unfold, click here.
The other members of Katheter can also be heard on Total Talk Nonsense. To hear the lead singer Zach, click here, here (in studio jam), and here (with guest tWW). To hear the Bush apologist Marty and bass player Phil, click here, here (in studio jam), and here (in studio jam).

Movie Reviews

Coming soon...


Some recorded durning the show, other music used on the show, and still other music from listeners. Coming soon...


Mostly da Dubya, but other political blunders. Coming soon...

Phil McCracken Whitcomb

Phil's interview with the Dubya is here. Dubya song can be found here


Jon and Scott have cut several promos that will be available here soon.


To hear PaulyB from Punky!, as well as the Proper Mrs. Edwards, clicky, clicky, and clicky
Recorded July 17th, 2006

To hear Tony Hearn from Punky! click here
Recorded September 25th, 2007


All major religions as well as an Atheist perpective. Coming soon...

Special Guests

Pearls of wisdom from guests. Paulyb. Spike, Tony Hearn, Prof. Tom, the Word Whore all coming soon...


by jon and scott
one The lost gig, Punky! impressions, Jon’s in a parade, spam, scott becomes jaded, and Spike and Raychul.
two Phone messages, WayOfTheBob, assplunger, comments, Punky!, Skype, Daisy, Scott censors himself, Barry Bonds, Donald Trump, and TV.
heavy metal Science news, water on Saturn, Ambien, Jon does listen, Islam’s approval ratings, Dubya’s approval ratings, Dubya’s rug, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s News.


by jon, scott, and zach
one Special guest Zach, High Speed Larry, Scott tells a Zach story, Jon tells a joke, libraries, Zach reads comments, and Stapp and Rock.
two (technical difficulties start at 21:30) Prof. Tom and PodRiot, Jon’s got skillz, the Prof. takes a quiz, KinkySex Radio, the judicial system, and fight scenes.
heavy metal Spike and Raychul’s package arrives! Serenity, put a finger on my string, Firefly, PodRiot, sexual related injuries, celebrity news, dubya, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news.


by jon, scott, and special ed (the bush apologist)
one Emails, comments, forum, Skype, and Special Ed
two The Skype Show experiment gets derailed by technical difficulties
heavy metal Science news and the Bush Apologist


by jon and scott
one The Skype Show - Jon gets back from AZ, Pink Panther, Waiter, fecal freaks, comments, our first Skype caller! PCA, Prof. Tom calls in! stats, the future.
two The Skype Show continues as Daisy tries to call in, new MySpace members, Selma Blair, Daisy gets evaluated, MySpace, Nick Lachey, and NPR.
heavy metal Lorie calls during the break, science news, goat’s ass, the Pope and cartoons, The Ten Commandments, and technical difficulties derail Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news.


by jon and scott
one Jon & Scott discuss being sloppy drunk, Jon’s last show? KinkySex Radio, comments, Aerowolf and the Lerve? the forum, bungholes, email, Phil is NOT dead, Spike and Raychul, and MySpace.
two Jon plans a trip to AZ, Howard Stern, The Island, Cheney blows some guy...away, celebrity news, advice for Nick, and Brokeback Mountain.
heavy metal Phone test, science news, FEMA failure, foiled terror attack, the Dubya, Smedley Butler, Iran, Dubya forever? offensive cartoons, what happens to the virgins? and Phil McCracken Whitcomb delivers the news.


by jon, scott, and prof tom
one This is Jon & Scott to Prof. Tom, you’ve really made the grade! And Punky! wants to know whose shirts you wear. Now it’s time to leave our studio if you dare.
two This is Prof. Tom to Jon & Scott, I’m stepping through the door. And I’m floating in the most peculiar way, And you smacktards look very different today.
heavy metal Prof. Tom wraps up his visit with Jon & Scott, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb delivers the news.


by jon and scott
one Jon & Scott’s new theme song, MySpace, spam, comments, new members, Scott’s iPod crashes, KinkySex Radio, email, lindsay lohan, Spike and Rachul, Wicked, and Ebert and Jack Black.
two Tom Cruise, Aniston, Paris Hilton, science news, big balls, partisians, Oprah, Syriana, tortue, and stupid people.
heavy metal Egyptian sex guidelines, the Dubya, Hamas, State of the Union, Dubya’s Failures, can the Dubya be impeached? Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news, and how Jon & Scott met Phil.


by jon and scott
one Jon & Scott discuss why two parts? Jon spends time with his kids, Scott’s date night, Hoodwinked, New World, the Dubya, carpool lanes, toilet sex, and Brando sucks.
two Part II of II includes some miscellaneous stuff and Jon & Scott’s top ten doables of all time.


by jon and scott
one Jon & Scott (in mono) discuss the Aerowolf Show, comments, emails, KinkySex, the studio floods, Scott’s midlife crisis, King Kong, Fog of War, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Angerleener Jolie.
two Gig announcements (in stereo), Lindsay Lohan, Gary Glitter, Arnold, soccer, Heinz interview, Amsterdam? science news, scotch or burbon? intelligent philosophy, and bees.
heavy metal Lions hunt humans (in stereo), green pigs, abortion in India, drunk at work, does God exist? Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s News, the Dubya, el Nacho.


by jon and scott
one Jon & Scott discuss comments, the Lerve is back, Oldbadgerman and his bung hole, Jon’s stupidity, Punky! promo, Scott has trouble learning a song, iTunes, and Kayne West.
two Jon trips over a cord, forum users, the longest Serenity review begins, Pee-Wee Herman, Spike and Rachul, Jon pisses on the wall, the Boner nerve, the Serenity review finally ends, The Shield, and Wal-Mart.
heavy metal Lindsay Lohan, top live rock acts, the longest concert, back in black, Mohels work for tips, Pat Robertson, the Dubya, KinkySex, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s News.


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott discuss comments, forum, oldbadgerman’s bung hole calls in, Jon’s song for Punky!, Butch Tony’s sexuality is discussed,, bandwidth, Apple sucks, and Togo needs our help
two - Jon & Prof. Tom? Jon & Scott’s xmas party with clips, the Brothers Grim, and King Kong
heavy metal - Jon’s night out, Jon pinches a ball, podcast audience, Sirius Sattelite, Top Ten Podcasts of 2005, new terms for 2005, and Phil McCracken’s extended News


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott discuss comments, forum entries, Jon’s love for Moikow, Scott’s crush on Aerowolf, emails, Jon goes to an party, Spike and Rachul, Punky!, Paulyb sticks up for Marilynfan, and a Joe Pesci Christmas song
two - Punky!’s imitation, more Jon & Scott stupidity, Scott’s date night, massage, Syriana, Saddam, chicks dig chimps, and we were all black at one time
heavy metal - Boy and girl chimps, the love connection, top ten studio drum performances, Dennis Leary, why the Jews? Jon’s Christmas history, the Dubya and Phil McCracken’s Punky! promo and News


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott discuss comments, forum entries, RBPC, the lerve, Duffy’s, the Spazmatics, Santa displays, Scott’s Holiday Dinner, and Jon hurls
two - Word of the Year, Brokeback Mountain, Jon goes to the Doctor, Jon & Scott harmonize, and The Top Five Christmas Movies of All Time
heavy metal - Top Five Christmas Movies concludes, Dubya’s approval rating, Dubya’s Holiday Card, Christmas complaints, Pagans, Saturnalia, the worst ever? Audio-Oh!, Gift Ideas, Phil McCracken’s News, and Jon & Scott harmonize


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott discuss RBPC, comments, No Child Left Behind Contest Loser and Winners, guests, new forum members, Top Ten Doables, Jon goes to the doctor, Jon never listens, science news and Alcohol
two - Ashlee Simpson, exposing oneself to Christians, an honest cabbie, creative people, Mary Jane’s affects on teens and five rules of use, 15 richest fictional characters, and Dr Cruise
heavy metal - Spike and Rachul, Duke Cunnigham weeps, Dubya is troubled, free media, the story changes, Citgo, the Dubya’s plan for complete victory, more Dubya lies, and Phil McCracken’s News


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott discuss PodShow, Scott’s Stupidity, ferrets, comments, forum entries, Punky!, Top Ten Brits, Jon never listens, Broadcast Turkeys of the Year, Cletus Lee, and Dr. Cruise
two - Chicken Little, The Ice Harvest, The Polor Express, Wal-Mart fist-fights, Sign-O-The Times, Michael Jackson and Jews, Karate Kid, Bruce Lee, Nick & Jessica, and a Gary Glitter follow-up
heavy metal - Top Ten Topless Tunes, Alcohol invite, Viagra, PT-141, Vatican & gay tendencies & evolution & censorship, Evolution gets sued, denying the Holocaust, the Dubya, Dick Cheney, another Downing Street Memo, Brown’s new gig, and Phil McCracken’s News


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott read comments, email, and forum entries
two - Science news and other stuff
heavy metal - The Dubya and Alito


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott read comments, email, and forum entries, Punky!’s review, Preston, the number of effs, Zathora, Scott’s heroic wife, and American Pyscho
two - A peace offering, No Child Left Behind Question is released, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, Tyrell Owens, unwanted head, intelligent design, Pat Robertson, the Pope, Prince Charles, and a white house relief effort
heavy metal - Our new sponsor, Ben Stein, Bill O’Reilly, Punky!, Dubya attacks, Jon & Scott get derailed, GOP memo, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb translates ebonics and gives the news


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott’s stupidity, our new sponsor, Punky! corrections, our missing forum posts, jarhead, batman begins, crash, beer supresses cancer, the No Child Left Behind contest, our next top five, is Scott gay? and a vasectomy update
two - Cruise fires his sister, Cage, Nick Cage, Tyrell Owens, American Girl Dolls, camel toes, French riots, freedon oninion soup, iTunes vs Tivo
heavy metal - Our new sponsor, will the Dubya and Cruise come out? TTN Slogan contest finalists announced, flu pandemic, Dubya’s latest failures, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott welcome special guests Rick and TP, comments, emails, Punky!, the two greatest men ever, Denver legalizes Mary Jane, past stupidity, and concludes with two top ten lists
two - Elvis impersonators, the Beacon Tap, the White Sox and the World Series, urinals, smokers, Christian groups and GM, and a carjacker gets jacked
heavy metal - Perdiction, positive things the Dubya has done in office, ID Trial comes to a close, the time Dubya has left in office, Brownie’s emails, Alito, Dubya’s job approval, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s interviews


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott discuss The Exorcist, the TTN Forum, Top Gun, Erica’s apology, Jon & Scott’s favorite new podcast, It’s Punky!, Scott’s stupidity, and Sulu comes out
two - Scott’s vasectomy, Michael Moore, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Italian jokes, Home Depot prank, and Makers Mark
heavy metal - How many fanatics? Is sex necessary? ptony dresses up like Scott, Last Action Hero, Trent Lott, Scooter Libby, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb delivers the news


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott discuss listener comments, listener emails, Erica’s email, Insane Clown Posse, and The Websters
two - Ferris Bueller, Rick stabs his hand, Top 10 Cleavage in Hollywood, Ashton Kutcher, Bennifer, TomKock,, Rambo, Rosa Parks, and Jon stands up to The Man
heavy metal - Stern’s replacements, Britany’s marriage & Cleatus Lee, Mark Cuban &, Blockbuster, the Dubya takes on The Onion, indictments? and Phil McCracken Whitcomb delivers the news


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott discuss previous guests, web site updates, the Chipotle situation, I cant see the stars, Jack Black & High Fidelity, 2T2 and the swinging neighbors, Scott gets dressed down, and the BedRock’s story
two - The Duggers, iBrain, birth the Scientology way, Rocky VI, Saudi Arabia, the Vikings take a cruise, the Vatican, exorcism and ET, and prom is cancelled
heavy metal - Boomers are OD’ing, Rice for VP? Tom Delay’s voice mail, Bush & Miers, Sean Connery retires, Jessica Biel, Top Five most awesomely bad songs by VHI, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb delivers the news


by jon and scott
one - Jon & Scott welcome guests Erica and Steve as they discuss listener comments, Erica’s tat, email, webelos, Mary Jane increases the brain, camel toads, Meet the Fockers, and Kingdom of Heaven
two - Jon sobs during Jersey Girl, Steve reviews Serenity, Scott’s physical and PSA, Breaking Bonaduce, Nip Tuck and The Top Ten most watchable movies
heavy metal - Top Ten most watchable movies according to Jon & Scott continues


by jon and scott
one - Feast of Fools, Chisox, Bulls, listener comments and email, other podcasts, books, philosophy 101, our next homework assignment, Apollonia, Jessica Biel, Joe Pesci’s prank call, Holla Back Girl, Nick Cage, and Scott’s stupidity
two - Columbus Day, the odds on Tom & Kate Cruise, The Smurfs get fire bombed, Kate Cruise fires her publicist, Scientology’s sexual assault payoff, Tom Delay gets indicted, Jon & Scott’s neighbors, God speaks to Dubya
heavy metal - Top Ten stupid things podcasters do, more TomKat, porn crackdown, acquiring Esquire, Jon explains why men have nipples, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb delivers the news


by jon and scott and special guest rick
one - Listener email, Rick is back, cliff diving in Malta, stupid billboards in Wisconsin, aborting black babies, Jon gets a call, Lindsay Lohan naked, Mike Myers as Keith Moon? Jon gets another call, John Kerry, and Apple calls out fat people
two - RedBar Radio, Jon tells the longest G4 story in history, Jon & Scott begin their 10 greatest songs since 1980
heavy metal - Jon & Scott continue their top 10 songs since 1980


by jon and scott
one - Jon and Scott discuss iTunes, emails, Hilton’s cell phone hacker, the FBI and software, Marty is AWOL, charity for Iraq, slot cars, Ben Affleck for senator? Chad Michael Murray, the Dubya, what if I killed my boyfriend?
two - Sheryl Crow, Maxim’s things guys should know, the benefits of alcohol, embracing Intelligent Design, and the Creationism Museum
heavy metal - Martha Stewart, Lost, English Lit. 101, FEMA, Carnival Cruises, Brownie, is the Dubya stupid? and concludes with Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news


by jon and scott
one - Jon and Scott discuss iTunes, comments, Dick Fitzwell corrects Brit Hume, Scott has a nightmare, Brian never shows up, Pamerla Anderson, Flight Plan, and The Terminal
two - Fergie’s soil, The Fockers, Bobby D, Barry Bonds, Britany and Cleatus Preston, Gee Paltrow, Martha Stewart, Heinz Ruwoldt interview, Dubya falls off, Dubya’s legacy?
heavy metal - Band news, Pat O’Brian, Intelligent Design, the Pope’s crusade against homos, and concludes with Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news


by jon and scott
one - Jon and Scott discuss the Wabash Tap gig, turn it down, Rick snaps, Scott gets stuck in traffic, Jon snaps, big announcement, what’s next? who’s next? podcastalley, our fans
two - New sites, comments, top 10 songs since 1980, baby boomers, North Korea’s Nukes, Dubya, fool me once, charity Iraq, Jeb’s problem child, and four signs that she’s into you
heavy metal - The last two signs that she’s into you, Scott’s phone messages, oral sex, I pledge to be a virgin, support for ID, faith in stupidity, Oprah, and concludes with Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news


by jon and scott
one - Jon and Scott discuss their new forum, the slogan contest entries, iTunes, other podcasts, door to door religion, Scott loses a bet, comments, Upside of Anger, Dubya comes clean, kinda, Scott effs up, the Turd Blossom, and Dubya’s legacy
two - Britney Spears, toxic, Silent Bob needs to shut up, Bruce Willis is Jesus, Lindsay’s boobs, New York, New York, Jewel, Tony takes off a car door, Jay jerks it, CBGBs, the twin towers, mr. smule
heavy metal - Jon and Scott appeal for a chick, discuss TomKat, Shaq comes to the rescue, the FDA and prostate cancer, online porn may be taxed, why do bodies float face down? what does air compression do to your scphincter? and Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news

Sweet Sixteen

by jon and scott
one - Tom DeLay, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Tom Cruise’s make-over, Angerleener Jolie, the Weather Service, Dubya’s legacy and approval ratings, price gouging, Mike Brown, Clinton and weed, Rehnquist’s addiction, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news
two - Sky High, CBGB’s, an original song, nightmares, sweating for cash, NOLA, Scott the bus driver, 9/11, the Pentagon March
heavy metal - Part Three includes Dubya, Intelligent Design, Time, the New Republic, Kansas, Adam and Eve, Harold be Thy name, the Book of Lists, victimless crimes, and concludes with Phil McCracken Whitcomb


by jon and scott
one - Join Jon and Scott as they discuss Jon’s party, Thomas J-Man quotes, announcements, Gilligan, Duff and Lohan, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Tommy Boy, Sin City, Milf, Alexander, cry-babies
two - Part two includes MTV , Kanye West, The Dubya, New Orleans, FEMA , Bill O’Reilly, Halliberton, Dubya’s failures, PNAC , bin laden, rebuild or not?
heavy metal - Part three includes the evolution of stupidity, intelligent design, the stupid way, adam and eve, the Y chromosome, humans, chimps and the Dubya, carnies, observing the birth of your child

New Orleans Special

by jon and scott with special guest rick recorded shortly after Katrina
one - Jon and Rick reminisce about their visits to New Orleans; Scott joins the p-cast in the second hour. Recorded on Thurday, September 1st, 2005


by jon and scott
one - Join Jon and Scott as they discuss BBQ Chips, Erica and Matt, Scott’s injury and eff up, Giant Rats, the Second Amendment, Gun Control, and Axl Rose
two - Part two includes Dubya and the women he hates, Intelligent Design and Monkeys, Nationalism vs. Patriotism, Terrorists and their Virgins, George Orwell, the Turd Blossom, and Dubya or Fredo?
heavy metal - Part three includes Democracy in Iraq? the Holy Stone, Contradictory Constitution, The Army’s New Ads, the Milgram Experiment and Nazis, Hemp Seeds, and Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s News


by jon and scott
one - Join Jon and Scott as they discuss BBQ Chips, Erica and Matt, Scott’s injury and eff up, Giant Rats, the Second Amendment, Gun Control, and Axl Rose
two - Part two includes Captian Kirk and pedophiles, P.E.T.A. and fried chicken, John Roberts and giggling blondes, the Jerko-Meter, smoking, the Writer’s Almanac, and answers the question: did the Dubya descend from monkeys?
heavy metal - Part three includes the Parent Television Council (PTC), The Shield, Scott goes for broke (again), Wal-Mart, Rescue Me. the war on drugs, and concludes with Phil McCracken Whitcomb’s news


by jon and scott
one - Join Jon and Scott they discuss folding or scrunching, Fantastic Four, Ice Princess, Lindsay Lohan, Roger Ebert, critics, Bernie Goldberg, draft dodgers, and Thomas the J-Man
two - Tensions rise in Part Two as the discussions includes, Diggnation, iPod, the Wabash Tap, the Websters, illegal sex acts, the Blue Lagoon, what is the point?, Evolution, and the No Spin Zone
heavy metal - Part Three includes Dubya, Intelligent Design, Time, the New Republic, Kansas, Adam and Eve, Harold be Thy name, the Book of Lists, victimless crimes, and concludes with Phil McCracken Whitcomb


by jon and scott
one - Join Jon and Scott they discuss Adam and Steve, the Dukes of Hazzard, Stealth, First Date Movies, Comic Con, and Celebrity Reality Shows
two - Part Two covers parenting, cold hard ones, GAYSROK , Iraq, Fog of War, Novak and infamous walk-offs, and introducing Emil Amhad Abusassuss
heavy metal - Part Three Free Talk Live, a new diet, corrections, the Dubya and Intelligent Design, the Family Guy, and concludes with Phil McCracken Whitcomb


by jon and scott
ten - Million Dollar Baby, Sandal Scandal, The Vatican vs. Harry Potter, and the Parent Television Council. Join Jon and Scott they discuss London, the Patriot Act, and a quick follow up to Goats Ass. In addition, Phillip McCracken Whitcomb brings a ground-breaking interview he had with The Dubya in the Oral Office


by jon and scott
nine - Wedding Crashers, Penn and Teller, The Vatican vs. Evolution, and Turd Blossom. Join Jon and Scott they discuss, pontificate, and rant about stupidity in America. The p-cast concludes with Phillip McCracken Whitcomb honing his broadcasting skills


by jon and scott
eight - Hitch, Tom Cruise, Scientology, and London Calling. Join Jon and Scott they discuss previous podcasts, the art of foreplay, and the confederacy of dunces. The show concludes with the infamous Phillip McCracken Whitcomb and current events


by jon and scott
seven - Flag burning, Penn and Teller, Bewitched, and the Homo Coalition. Join Jon and Scott as the heat causes Jon to get hot under the collar and verbally flog Scott. Fortunately, Phillip McCracken Whitcomb provides a calming influence and cooler heads finally prevail


by jon and scott
six - The Dubya’s sexual orientation, the 100 Greatest Americans, and Batman Begins. Jon and Scott also provide final thoughts on Scientology, Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes. They also welcome legendary newsman, Phillip McCracken Whitcomb, to be a permanent member of the cast


by jon and scott
five - Iraq, Star Wars, Mary Jane, the Dubya, Stem Cells, and Vagina Make-Overs. This dynamic duo also answer the question on everyone’s mind, why is Tom Cruise a Scientologist? Unfortunately, it took genetically altered fruit flies to trigger their epiphany


by jon and scott
four - The Dubya, Star Wars, Kevin Matthews, and Tom Delay. Join Jon and Scott as they utilize new recording software and discuss the pros and cons of being the leader of the free world


by jon and scott
three - Evolution, Scientology, Tom Cruise’s sexual orientation, and what’s quickly becoming an akc staple, current events. Join Jon and Scott as they talk total nonsense about Kinsey, intelligent design, religion, and upcoming events


by jon and scott with special guest joe
two - Join Jon, Scott, and a special guest, Joe, for their second podcast as they talk total nonsense about music, the Dubya, religion, Steve Dahl, Matt Dahl, WCKG , and current events


by jon and scott
one - A Kangaroo Court is a Chicago band that discusses any topic that comes to mind. Join Jon and Scott as they broadcast their inaugural podcast. Among the topics discussed are music, the history of A Kangaroo Court, Kevin Matthews, Matt Dahl, WCKG , current events, and other podcasts